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How freshness
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The U.S. FDA has approved Vault Foods™ solution as a processing aid, which means that it is so safe to use that labeling is not required.

Vault Foods™
Vault Foods™

Longer Shelf Life

Vault Foods™ process kills harmful microorganisms to extend shelf life of packaged foods.


Once pathogens are eliminated, the solution biodegrades completely, leaving food undamaged.


Our proprietary solution is composed of ingredients found in nature, and is approved for organic use.

Truly raw

Food quality is preserved without heat, irradiation, or chemical gas, leaving the food raw as nature intended.

How it works:

Step 1

Your foods, including nuts and seeds, are transported to our SQF Certified treatment facility site location in Boerne Texas.

Step 2

A solution is misted onto the food in our dedicated food safety system. The process uniformly destroys pathogens on surfaces and crevices.

Step 3

The solution completely biodegrades leaving the product safe for your customers, raw and delicious like nature intended.

Certified freshness you can taste.

Technology for the modern food industry.

We are serious about safe foods so, our system works by combining an organic liquid solution with a system designed specifically for food processing. We provide up to a validated 5-log (≥99.999%) reduction of harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria all while preserving the natural taste, smell, texture and nutrition of the food. We have partnered with Agri-Neo and use the Neo-Pure system.

Better shelf stability for you, better taste and quality for your customers.

Innovation that fits into your existing supply chain.

SQF Certified
3rd Party Lab Verified

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